How To Record Your Computer Screen Using VLC Media Player

If you have been looking for a simple way to record your computer screen and may be want to share it on your youtube channel, then many of us think of as one need to have video software installed on their computer or pc to record screen. But most of them don’t know that their computer already has a pre-installed app present on their desktop. Yes, your computer already has a software which can record your screen ie., VLC media player.

VLC has been the most popular media player on windows computer and it’s advanced features made this perfect software for playing all types media files on computer. One of it’s special and hidden feature is that you can also record your computer screen using vlc media player in easy and simple steps.

In this article we provide you complete tutorial on how to record your computer screen with vlc media player in simple steps and how it actually works to record your screen perfectly.

Steps To Record Your  Computer Screen Using VLC:

Simply follow the below steps carefully to record your pc screen by using vlc meida player.

  • First make sure that your computer has latest VLC player installed on your pc. If you don’t have it, then click on the following link to download vlc player.
  • Open vlc media player on your computer or pc by searching it on start menu.
  • Click on Media -> Open capture device (Ctr+C).

how to record your screen

  • Choose Desktop as capture mode and select the desired frame rate. In the bottom press the small down facing arrow and choose stream.

record pc screen vlc

  • A stream output will open and click on next.
  • In destination set up make sure File is selected and click on Add.


  • Now browse the location to save your recording and give full name like recording.mp4 and click on next.

computer screen record

  • In profile choose the video format and container. The default H264 video format with MP3 audio is a great choice and click on next.

how to record screen

  • Finally click on stream option and recording begins immediately.
  • To stop recording, press the stop button in vlc media player.

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Important Notes:

  • You can know whether the recording is in progress or not by looking at the player time increments.
  • If you want a smoother video, try to increase the frame rate. Higher frame rate gives smoother videos but requires more computing power and computer resources.


This is all about how to record your computer screen using vlc media player. If you have any doubts or problems while recording your screen by using vlc feel free to contact us. And also share this information with your friends on social media. Thank you.


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