How To Download Videos From Hotstar App (Official Method)

Hello buddies, welcome to another latest tutorial on how to download videos from hotstar app. Hotstar is the most popular online video service website in india. You can watch your favorite tv shows, movies, videos and sports online using hotstar app. It was launched in janauary 2015 to provide live streaming of all major sports like cricket, tennis, hockey and football. Within small duration of time hotstar became huge success and now it has more than 50000 hours of videos, movies and tv shows.

Hotstar became more popular for it’s live streaming cricket matches of all teams across the world. In countries where cricket is major sport like india, hotstar became pretty popular these days. It is similar to Netflix in which you can watch movies, videos and tv shows online for twenty four hours of a day.

The number of users watching movies or tv shows on hotstar is increased day by day. Because of that they added one of the most important feature to download hotstar videos from your mobile using hotstar app. If you don’t know how to download video from hotstar app, then simply follow this guide and you will be able to download hotstar videos from your android mobile.

How To Download Hotstar Videos Using Hotstar App:

You can only download videos from hotstar using mobile app only and you can’t download hotstar videos from website or through pc/laptop. Though hotstar takes less data to stream videos online, you can still save lot of data by downloading your favorite videos using from hotstar.

how to download videos from hotstar

You can’t download all the videos from hotstar, there are some restrictions which are listed below.

  • You can’t download all videos from hotstar only selected videos can be downloaded.
  • If you want to know whether you can download or not check and try to download. If it say’s video download is not available then you can’t download it.
  • You need to have hotstar account before you download videos from hotstar app.
  • When you download video from hotstar app, it won’t be saved in your phone memeory. Instead it works as youtube offline videos and you can only watch them from hotstar app only.

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Steps on How To Download Videos From Hotstar App:

First thing you need to do is update your hotstar app before going for downloading of videos. Now login to your hotstar account and search for video that you want to download and follow the steps shown below.

  • First see whether download button is available for your video or not. If not then you can’t download the video.
  • Click on the download button and select the video format to download. It will also shows you size of video for every format and you can select depending on your phone memory.

download hotstar videos

  • Just click on the format and the video will start downloading in few seconds.

That’s it guys, with this we come to the end of article on how to download videos from hotstar app. If you still have any problems in the above process don’t hesitate to contact us, share this article with your friends. Thank you


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