How To Find The Name Of The Song Without Knowing The Lyrics

Sometimes when you go to somewhere such as restaurants, malls with your friends to enjoy and you find some beautiful music playing around that place. If you like it, then you definitely want a copy of that music album on your phone or pc. But the problem is you don’t know the lyrics, artist or album name to search on google or yahoo to buy or download the album.

Search engines like google needs at least some information to find the name of the song for you to get it on your mobile or computer. So here we are presenting you some best services to find the name of the song without knowing lyrics or any data related to that music. You can use them to find the name of the song that is playing on TV, internet or Radio Stations.

1) Find Music With Your Phone :

Shazam : Shazam is the mobile application used to find song names from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone mobile devices. You can also use shazam on iPod to find the song name if you have external microphone.

find the song name using shazam

Simply install shazam application on your mobile and place your phone towards the audio source and hit the button to identify the playing music. It works only for pre-loaded music and doesn’t work for live performances. It is available in both free and paid versions. If you need more features of shazam then go for paid version.

2) Find Song Names Using Your Own Voice :

find the name of the song

Midomi : It is a free online platform to find the song names, it also has apps for Android, IOS, Windows & Mac. You can sing a song on midomi and it will find the name of the song using your own voice. By using midomi you can also find the name of the song from live performances unlike in shazam which is not possible. You can identify songs by holding your phone to a speaker or by singing the melody song to phone itself.

3) Find the Song Using Virtual keyboard :

Musipedia : By using musipedia you can search for a song by playing it on a virtual piano keyboard or by whistling it to the computer using a microphone.

Musipedia is discovered after wikipedia and works best to find classical music. Musipedia can identify all songs that contain a particular melody that you just recorded or played through keyboard.

These are the major services to find the name of the song without lyrics or any other information of the music that you want to find. Share this information and make others to find their favorite song name. Thank you.


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