Easy and Effective Tips To Increase Your Hair Growth Naturally

Now a days long hair is dream for everyone, especially for girls long hair is most important to look beautiful. These days with increased pollution everyone is facing hair loss problems. Hair loss is caused due to many reasons, it may be due to genetic disorders, environment and the type of shampoo and products used on hair. First you need to understand the type of your scalp and problem you are facing to loss hair.

Hair growth is divided into three stages as Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. In first stage hair grows and lost for two to six years, where as in the second stage renewal of hair follicles takes place and finally in the third stage your hair stops growing. So you can only apply tips to increase your hair growth only in first two stages only. Here we are providing some easy and effective tips to increase hair growth naturally.

tips to increase your hair growth

Frequent Trim:

If you trim your hair regularly then it helps to grow your hair long. As many of us have split ends on our hair, we need to cut the hair regularly. With this tip your hair may not grow instantly but will help to grow in the long run. To trim your hair it is always good to reach proper hair stylist to make the cut according to your hair needs. We recommend to have a hair cut for every three to four months to increase hair growth.

Healthy Diet:

Most of the persons think that diet doesn’t have any impact on hair growth. But the food we eat consists of lot of nutrients which are very helpful to grow hair. For hair nutrition you can include┬áLeafy vegetables, beans, seeds, chicken, lean fish, etc., to your regular diet. Proper nutrition for hair makes significant changes in hair growth.

Oil Massage:

Using of oil best suits for your scalp and massage it with your fingertips. You can use a table spoon of coconut oil and massage it. When the oil is gently warm apply to your hair and massage with your fingertips. When you massage, blood circulation increases in your head which helps you to increase hair growth.

Avoid Shampoo:

If you are washing your hair daily with shampoo, then avoid using shampoo daily. using shampoo regularly makes your hair dry and loses essential oil. Cleaning hair with shampoo also affects hair growth. If you need use some free chemical shampoos to make your hair smooth.

Castor Oil:

Castor oil works great for your hair. Apply it to your scalp before going for bed and leave it overnight and in the morning wash it with shampoo. Repeat the process for two to three weeks to get quick results. This trick definitely works great for you.

Do not tie Tight:

Make sure you do not tie you hair during sleep which makes your hair damaged or sometimes breaks. Make loose ponytail which increases blood circulation and also increases hair growth.

Brush Your Hair :

First massage your hair with oil and then start brushing hair which stimulates hair growth. Brushing spreads the essential oils on your hair and improves hair growth. You can brush your hair regularly for 2-4 times daily.

That’s it guys, I hope these tips help you to increase your hair growth without any side effects. If you know any other methods to increase hair growth let us know, so that we can also share it with other members. Thank you.


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