How To Create A Bootable USB Drive Without Any Software In Windows

In earlier days to install any operating system on computer we used iso image flash disks. Now USB drivers replaced them as they are faster and more convenient way to install and update any operating system on desktop computers. To install any operating system using usb drive first you need to make it bootable. Only bootable usb drives are used to install windows or linux os on computers.

You can create a bootable usb drive using software or without softaware on windows systems. There are many bootable softwares available online and you can use them to make your drive bootable. Now you can also make bootable usb flash drive without any software in windows ie., by using command prompt. This is the more simple and convenient method to create a bootable usb. In this article we guide you simple steps that you need to follow to make your device bootable.

Steps To Create A Bootable USB Drive Using Command Prompt :

create a bootable usb drive

Simply follow the steps one by one on your computer using cmd to make your usb bootable drive.

  • First insert your usb flash drive to your computer.
  • Now Open command prompt by pressing windows + R key simultaneously and type cmd and hit enter. Or you can press Windows + X key and select command prompt (admin) to open cmd as administrator.
  • If you are using windows 10 then open task bar search cmd and right click on it and select run as administrator to open it.
  • Note that you need to open command prompt as administrator to boot the drive.
  • Now type diskpart in command prompt and hit enter and wait for some time until it opens in another window.
  • Type list disk to see the active disks on your computer. Now you can see active disks like Disk 0 for hardware and Disk 1 for usb drive.
  • Enter select disk 1 to make further process to make your usb drive bootable.
  • Type clean and hit enter to remove all the data on your usb flash drive.
  • Type create partition primary and hit enter to create primary partition on usb drive.
  • Now select partition 1 and hit enter to set it as active partition to further process.
  • Type active and hit enter to activate the current partition.
  • Now type¬†format fs=ntfs quick¬†and hit enter to format the current partition as NTFS file system quickly.
  • Type exit and hit enter. This command will close the diskpart program.

Now all you need to do is copy files from dvd or iso file and paste it on usb drive manually. This will make your device bootable and now you can this drive to install windows or linux operating system on any computer.

This is all about how to create a bootable usb drive without any software by using command prompt on windows. If you have any queries or problems related to this article feel free to comment below. Thank you.


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