How To Convert ASPX To PDF And Open ASPX File On Computer

Many people don’t know about ASPX files and find it difficult to open on their windows computers. ASPX is a file extension used in microsoft ASP.NET projects. All microsoft projects use aspx files to store their project data. If you are looking for how to open aspx files or how to convert aspx to pdf format, then this article provides you complete guide to convert aspx file to pdf file on windows computers in easy and simple steps.

ASPX is a rare file extension to open in windows. It is the file extension used in ASP.NET microsoft projects. Most of the microsoft websites use .aspx file extension istead of .html or .php. ASP stands for active server pages and can be described as internet media type document in txt/html format.

There are many converters available to convert aspx to pdf, some available in online and some of them available offline also. Here we are presenting best method to convert aspx file to pdf file without neeed of any converters in easy and simple steps.

How To Open ASPX File Extension And Convert ASPX To PDF File On Computer :

convert aspx to pdf file

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You can open or convert aspx file to pdf file on internet or by using other converter softwares. But all of them takes time and you need internet connection when you want to convert online. Here we are presenting you simple and easy procedure to open aspx file and convert aspx to pdf using your computer browser.

As ASP is a internet media type document, so with the help of modern browsers (eg. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE etc) you can open and view aspx files. Simply follow the steps shown below to open aspx file on your browser.

Steps To Open ASPX File :

  • First put your aspx file that you want to open on the desktop of your computer.
  • Double click on it and it says windows can’t open this file in windows 7, select the option “select a program from the list of installed programs” and click ok.
  • Browse to select google chrome from the list and open the file.
  • It is slightly different in windows 8.1, 10 versions in which it asks you “how to you want to open this file“. Navigate to more apps and click on google chrome to open the file.
  • Now you can easily open aspx file using chrome or any other browser.

Steps To Convert ASPX To PDF :

  • First follow the above steps to open aspx file on chrome browser.
  • Now press Ctr+P buttons together to open print page windows.
  • At the left section under destination click on change option as shown in the below image.

aspx file to pdf file

  • Now select save as pdf option to change the format.

open aspx file

  • Press save button to convert aspx file to pdf file.

With that we come to end of guide on how to convert aspx to pdf format in easy steps. If you find any better idea then feel free to comment below. Thank you.


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