Change My Software 10,8.1,8,7, XP Edition – Install Windows On Android (Dual Boot) Mobile Phone

Hello friends, Today we came up with another latest trick to install windows on android smartphone or tablet devices. We all know how popular is android and almost 90% of smartphones around the world are using android devices only. Now you can also use windows along with android ie., you can dual boot your smartphone to run both operating systems within a single mobile. By using dual boot now you can enjoy windows & android features at the same time on your mobile phone. Change my software is the software used to dual boot your smartphone and you can install all versions of windows using change my software 10,8.1,8,7, or xp editions.

Now you can install windows 10,8 ,7 or xp version along with android by using different version of change my software editions. It is used as a perfect application to dual boot mobile phones and allows you to use whatever operating system you want on your android phone. Today in this guide we provide you complete guide on how to download change my software 8,7,8.1,10 or xp editions and install windows on android to dual boot mobile phone. Simply follow the below instructions carefully to install windows on android using change my software 10 editon, 8,7 or xp editions. Also read how to run ios apps on android using ios emulator.

Install Windows On Android Using Change My Software 8,8.1,7,10 / XP Editions :

install window on android

To install windows on android mobile phone, first you need to have some requirements before you dual boot mobile phone. Here we are presenting basic requirements to install window on android device.

Requirements To Dual Boot Android Phone:

  • Android smartphone or tablet to which you want to dual boot.
  • PC or Laptop.
  • USB cable to connect pc to mobile phone.
  • Internet Connection to update the softwares.
  • Change my software 8.1,7,10,xp latest versions.

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Once you have all the basic requirements to install windows os on android, then you can proceed to download change my software and install it on your mobile phone to dual boot android device.

Download Change My Software 8.1,8,7,10 / XP Editon Without Survey :

You can download change my software editions from official website or from third party websites. Most of the websites offer you to download the file by completing any one of the survey before you can download. To download change my software without survey you need to go for file storage websites like zippy share, media file etc.

Click on the below link to download change my software all editions from the official website.

Change My Software All Editions

If you want to download change my software without survey then you can download from media fire by clicking on the below link.

Change My Software 8,8.1,7,xp Editions

After downloading the file follow the below steps to install windows 10,8.1,8,7 / xp on android to dual boot your phone.

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Steps To Install Windows On Android Phone Dual Boot:

First choose the version you want to install on android phone and then download the software from the links provided above. After that simply follow the step by step guide provided below to dual boot android mobile phone.

  • Connect USB cable from android smartphone to PC.
  • Now launch change my sofware 8 edition (here we are choosing windows 8, you can choose any version you want all versions are installed in same manner.)
  • Choose android -> windows 8 option to install windows 8 on android.
  • Click on continue and the process of downloading windows 8 drivers will start and wait for some time until it completes.

change my software 10 edition

  • Click on install button and do not click on remove android button if you want to dual boot.
  • The process of installing windows on android will start and your phone reboots automatically.
  • Select windows or android OS that you want to use on your mobile phone.

install windows on android

  • At first it will take some time to load windows, then you can use dual boot on your android smartphone.

With this we come to the end of tutorial on how to install windows on android using change my software 10,8.1,8,7 or xp editions. If you still have any problems or queries regarding this guide feel free to contact us and also share this with your friends on social media. Thank you.


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