10 Most Important Google URLs That Every One Should Know

Have you ever thought of how google knows your interests before you search? or how google keeps track of your search and youtube history data? or how google knows the places you visit? and how google displays ads that are interest to you? The reason behind that is, google stores all this data privately. Google keeps most of this information in important urls private and will not be displayed everywhere.

Today in this article article we are showing you top 10 most important google urls that every google user should know. This urls are private and only open when have valid google account. First it asks you to enter your google account password and then shown you the information you want to see.

10 most important google urls

10 Important Google URL Links :

1) Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in gooogle chrome or android device for logging into various websites. They have a separate website to store all passwords in plain text.


2) Google creates a profile for yourself based on sites you visit, guessing your age, gender and interests. Based on this data google serves more relevant ads to you. Use this url to know how google sees you on web.


3) Google records every search term that you have typed or spoken to google search box. They keep a log of every google ad that you clicked on various websites and every youtube video that you’ve watched.


4) You can easily export all your data out of google. You can download your google photos, contacts, gmail messages and youtube videos which you uploaded on takeout page of google. Click on takeout link to download all your data.


5) If you find content that you own on another website, then you can easily file a complaint to google using this url. Google has simple wizards to help you find your content on internet and removes from google search results.


6) If you are using android or ios mobile phone than you can easily track the location history easily using this url. You can also export this data as KML files that can be viewed in google earth or in google drive.


7) If you have multiple google accounts and don’t use many of them for long period of time. Then use this url to ensure google doesn’t delete them after a period of long time. Google deactivates your account if you didn’t login for 9 months.


8) If you are unsure of your account security or someone hacked your account? Then use this url to know when and where you logged in and the ip address of your previous login details.


9) Incase if you lost your android phone and want to find your phone when it is switched on, then use this url to find the location, you can ring the device or even erase all the data on your mobile phone using google device manager.


10) Create a new google account with your existing email address. The regular sign up process uses @gmail.com address, by using this you can create any email as your username.


These are the 10 most important google urls that every internet user should know. If you find it useful then share it with your friends on social media. Thank you.



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